One Guy’s Vision For The Vision In THE AVENGERS 2

Possible AVENGERS spoilers within, in case you haven't seen the third highest-grossing movie in history yet.

The Vision is one of the great iconic characters in The Avengers. His history is complex and rich: originally created by the evil robot Ultron (himself a creation of Dr. Henry Pym, aka Ant Man), The Vision was an android whose brain waves were encoded from deceased Avenger Simon Williams, aka Wonder Man. His body was made up of parts from the original WWII Human Torch, who was also an android*. The Vision, who can become intangible, turned against Ultron and joined the Avengers. He eventually became team leader and married The Scarlet Witch, Magneto's daughter. As the Marvel Universe turns, indeed.

Vision's a cool character, and a fan-favorite. His addition to the Marvel Movieverse would be quite welcome, and a sculptor named "Paul" has an idea how it could work: instead of having Simon Williams' brain waves, he could have Agent Coulson's.

Coulson has turned out to be a massively popular character, and his death has greatly impacted the fan community. There have actually been "Coulson Lives!" stickers spotted in the wild in New York City. I think that's a testament to how good Clark Gregg was in the role and how well Joss Whedon used him in The Avengers. I thought his death was great and earned and worked, and I scoff at those who sling weird theories that he might still be alive (based, it seems, solely on the fact that Fury likes to lie). 

But bringing Gregg back to play the Vision, who is carrying Coulson's brain waves? Totally into it. It's fully in the spirit of the books, it would make for strong drama and, best of all, it would keep Gregg in the Marvel Movieverse. It's actually a great idea.

Here are some more views of the sculpture that Paul created. In later comics Vision is ghostly white, but I'd love for him to be traditional green and red and yellow color scheme as seen below:

See more of Paul's work here.

* There's been some retconning of this over the years, but I'm giving you the original origin here.