The Time James Cameron Apologized To HR Giger For ALIENS

Yes, Cameron has actually said 'I'm sorry' in the past. And for ALIENS, no less!

Yesterday was James Cameron's birthday, which I'm sure he spent immersed in a VR tank fondling flora on Pandora and being king of the world. He's a big time guy! He does big time things! And he's known as a big time difficult person, the sort of guy who yells at people all the time and makes crew members cry and whose shoots are endurance challenges for everybody involved.

So when James Cameron apologizes, it's a big deal. And he did just that in 1987, writing a letter to HR Giger saying 'sorry' for Aliens. Not because the movie was bad, but because Cameron didn't include Giger - the designer of the Xenomorph - in the making of the film.

Here's the letter Cameron sent to the artist. Happy belated birthday, Jim!