TV Review: TRUE BLOOD 5.11 “Sunset”

Vampires love Fairies, and Fairies love Ke$ha!

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True Blood is setting all the pieces in place for a satisfying, if not spectacular, end to the season. The Sanguinistas are murdering each other in crazy town (Hooray!) while Russell Edgington is on the verge of sucking the daywalkin’ juice outta some spooked and sparkly Fairies. And while fucktarded Baby Vamps prowl the nation’s trailer parks, the U.S. government considers an aggressive anti-Vampire assault with a supposed stable of monster-killing munitions. War is hell, y'all, but True Blood’s Vampire war is a hell of a lot of fun.

This week’s action packed episode, "Sunset," the final hour before the Season 5 finale, opened with the sound of Lilith’s disturbing shriek. How anyone could find Lilith’s wounded dinosaur call enticing is a mystery to me, but it seems to do the trick for Bill Compton. Bill is still acting like half the Vamp he used to be; he’s more brainwashed, psychotic and annoying than ever. His sudden slip into religious fanaticism hasn’t made much sense over the past few weeks, so it was nice to hear Pam give us something of an explanation here: When Vampires nest and drink of each other’s blood, they become sadistic and crazy. Bill and the other Sanguinistas are drinking Lilith’s blood, which is turning their camp into a “nest on steroids.” As much as I appreciated the explanation, it still felt like a cheap and easy way to tell us what we already knew: the blood is making Bill crazy. But I’ll buy it, especially if Pam is selling it. It’s hard not to hang on Pam’s every word, even when she’s spouting clunky exposition and tired catchphrases.

Eric and Nora took advantage of the military’s threat to hatch a plan to escape crazy town. Like Bill’s transition, Nora’s sudden shift from Lilith worshipper to Vampire of reason seemed a little sudden and unearned, but I’d rather see her by Eric’s side than serving Lilith and the Authority. The show is trying hard to sell us on Eric’s love and passion for Nora, and it’s working. It’s clear that he’d do almost anything for her, but I still don’t care much for Nora. She’s weak and indecisive, and she’s spent the bulk of the season manipulating her brother. I won’t shed any tears if she meets her true death next week.

Eric and Nora’s escape came shortly after General Cavanaugh showed up at Crazy H.Q. to deliver the military’s threat. This was one of the best scenes of the episode. It was fun watching the pissed and vulgar general, a human, stand up to these “psychotic bloodsuckers” and threaten them the way he did. “We own the day. Vampires don’t stand a fuckin’ chance,” he said, and he had a point. The military has leverage over the Vamps (the video of Steve and Russell doing their bloody dance) and the nightwalkers are incredibly vulnerable during daylight hours. It’s not hard to buy that a focused military assault could wipe the Vamps out, or at least drastically cut their numbers, over the course of a few weeks.

Bill and his brood all have targets painted on their backs now thanks to Eric’s calculated killing of the general. Cavanaugh’s death was a necessary plot beat, but I’m kinda bummed he’s gone. I was looking forward to more of his curmudgeony piss and vinegar.

With the threat of military action on his shoulders and Lilith’s blood baking his brain, Bill was in no shape to play nice as Jessica’s maker. When she tried to contact Jason to warn him about Russell, Bill ordered her to turn Jason into a Vampire. I’m pretty sure we all knew that wasn’t going to happen, but this set up a nice turn of events that culminated in Jessica confessing her deep feelings for Jason. Turns out she wouldn’t mind spending eternity with the Stackhouse Stallion. It’s too bad Jason had to run off and warn Sookie about Russell, leaving Jessica alone in the dirt.

Sookie was still in shock after learning her ancestor sold her to a Warlow. With Russell looking to snack on her neck, she sought the counsel of the screwy Elder Fairy, played by Erica Gimpel, the second Veronica Mars alum we’ve seen on True Blood this season (the first was Tina Majorino, who ended her run last week). The Elder Fairy had gone mad thanks to her ability to access all of the information all of the time (or some such nonsense). And much like the rest of the world, even though she had streams of endless data flowing through her head, the Elder seemed obsessed with trashy pop culture (“Ke$ha? For or against?”). This was incredibly goofy, and it really straddled the line between funny and just plain stupid. Thankfully, the Elder’s freakdance didn’t last too long. She snapped into focus when she learned Russell was on the prowl.

And just like we knew he would, Jason got good and glamoured and led Russell and Steve straight to the Fairy hideout. Russell made quick work of the Elder, who is a pretty terrible shot, and he saw right through the Fairy’s magic after feasting on their only hope.

With Bill headed for a death match with Salome, Eric flying off with Nora, and Jason getting knocked out (like he does), who will save Sookie and the Fairies from Russell’s appetite? Not Sheriff Andy -- he’s got his own troubles (in the form of a pregnant Fairy).  Not Sam Merlotte – he’s stuck running around buck naked inside the Authority compound. And definitely not Lafayette, because … he’s Lafayette.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Sookie’s salvation came in the form of her worst nightmare. Yes, I’m talking about Warlow, the creepy Vampire who has been haunting her in the bathroom. If Warlow is really serious about claiming Sookie as his own, chances are he’s willing to protect his prize, which makes Russell his enemy. Maybe we’ll be privy to a pair of fun vampire throwdowns next week: Bill vs. Salome and Russell vs. Warlow.

Other thoughts:

- Did we see the start of a Tara-Pam romantic subplot forming here? I’m not completely against the idea, but considering Pam is Tara’s maker (or mother), I kinda find the idea a little … gross.

- Yeah boy, Wolf Daddy’s got Alcide’s back! Good thing too, because Alcide is kind of a pussy.

- Possibly the coolest moment of the night: Eric and Nora taking flight after their escape.