Borders Line: Houston! Come See ROAD HOUSE With Me This Sunday

In 35mm, part of the Badass 101 series at the Alamo Drafthouse.

In between Dirty Dancing's 25th anniversary yesterday and my recent re-listen of Rob Lowe's wonderful memoirs Stories I Only Tell My Friends (the audiobook is incredible - he does voices for Liza Minnelli, Cary Grant and others!), I'm in even more of a Patrick Swayze kind of mood than usual. For those who don't know, Lowe confirms my lifelong suspicions in asserting that Swayze was a perfect gentleman, a hardworking performer and a talented football player, guitar player, singer, dancer and, of course, actor. 

And he knows tai chi!

Road House is a total blast, a riotous action flick that never goes anywhere near where the audience expects it will. Crazy, crazy things happen in this movie! All under the handsomely grim supervision of Dalton, the badass bouncer who keeps shit in check at the Double Deuce bar. Swayze is all man in this (and every) movie, throwing out rowdy drunks while keeping himself centered through a healthy diet of martial arts and lovemaking. 

The film is part of our Badass 101 series at the Alamo Drafthouse Mason Park in Houston, and like every film in the series, it'll be shown on good old 35mm - because that's the most basic element of badass cinema. 

Here's a bit more about the series, which I co-host with Drafthouse programmer and sometimes BAD correspondent Robert Saucedo:

The world is getting soft. We are getting soft. As civilization slowly marches towards a future full of politically correct, health food conscious, light beer sipping emotional marshmallows that don't know how to take a punch, it is becoming evident that we, as a society, need to relearn how to be a badass. The Alamo Drafthouse is here to help with a new monthly series at Mason Park dedicated to teaching the art of badassery.

We'll have a current and former bouncer on hand to answer questions about how to kick ass and keep the peace, so join us Sunday night at 6:30. Get tickets here!