The “Lost” Commercial For 1982’s THE THING Toy Line

What if they made a line of toys for John Carpenter's THE THING in 1982? The ad might have looked like this.

Today everything gets an action figure. You young people won't understand how mind blowing it was when The X-Files got figures in the 90s, and before that it was the rare R-rated movie (like Alien) that got a toy line. So there was never a toy line for John Carpenter's The Thing.

At least not in this universe. Maybe there was one in an alternate universe, and maybe this commercial slipped into our reality. In this alternate reality toy commercials in the early 80s played like toy commercials from the late 80s, and crack showed up on American streets years earlier (1982 would have been way, way too early for that cartoon crack PSA. Crack wasn't a problem until 1984, and even then it was seen as a 'ghetto' drug). 

Collected via Facebook.