This 100 Year Old Mystery Package Will Be Opened Today

A century ago a Norwegian mayor sealed this package, and no one knows what's inside. All will be revealed today.

In 1912 Johan Nygaard, the first mayor of the Norwegian town of Sel, sealed a package. On it he wrote instructions to not open the package for 100 years, until 2012. He specified August 26th. Apparantly Nygaard didn't check a calendar, as the 26th is a Sunday, so the local authorities have decided to move up the timeline and open the package today, August 24th.

What's in there? Nobody knows. The package has survived WWI and WWII, been lost and been found, but has never been opened. You'd think some curious person or other would take a peek, but the seals remain intact and the mystery remains mysterious. There are many theories - perhaps the package contains a pile of oil stocks, which can be sold to help the community, or perhaps it contains some scintillating gossip that will be meaningless to the people of the 21st century. Or maybe it's a secret of the universe, revealed to Nygaard. 

Sel is making an event of the opening, and they'll be livestreaming it here. The unveiling will be at 6pm GMT, so at 11am Pacific. I'm sure it'll be even more meaningless to us in the United States, but I'm sort of curious what the hell is in there. 

Thanks to Mark Wheaton for the link.