Show Your Pride In Val Verde, Fictional Nation Of PREDATOR, COMMANDO And More

A t-shirt to commemorate all the faceless minions lost to the explosive weaponry of imperialist running dog John Matrix, alien hunters and John McClane!

Outlaw Vern is one of the best film critics on this here world wide web, and he's branching out into fashion now. Sort of. He's opening 'Vern's Flea Market,' and his first offering is this t-shirt for Val Verde.

If you're a fan of 80s and 90s action movies you know Val Verde well. It's the nation John Matrix storms in Commando. It's where the Predator hunts in Predator. And it's the home of Die Hard 2's General Ramon Esperanza. It's the kind of shirt that immediately lets other action fans know that you're a cool dude, and if you're wearing the right color handkerchief perhaps you're a top*.

Click here to buy your Val Verdewear. And keep your eye on Vern's Flea Market for future offerings.

* That's an idea - a set of Cruising-branded handkerchiefs. I know Phil would buy a set.