Hammer Films Launches YouTube Channel, Streams Movies For Free

The classic British studio storms the internet with a YouTube channel where you can watch trailers and even entire movies for free.

It makes me happy to see Hammer Films making a comeback. As a monsterkid growing up they held a special place in my heart; their vulgar colors and barely tethered sexuality were an exciting counterpoint to the black and white Universal monster films I loved so much. 

Now they're getting back into production, and what's more, they're bringing their amazing history forward with them. They've launched a YouTube channel which is going to flog their upcoming films, like The Quiet One and the sequel to The Woman in Black, but it'll also contain plenty of old stuff. From the press release:

[T]he Hammer Films Channel will stream a collection of Hammer’s well-known classic feature film titles including The Quatermass Xperiment, The Man In Black and Captain Kronos Vampire Hunter some of which have been newly restored and digitally re-mastered. As additional titles are added to the new platform, this will be the first time fans can view other digitally re-mastered classic Hammer films online under a restoration initiative launched earlier this year by Hammer’s owner Exclusive Media.

From the historic library, the Hammer Films Channel will also carry Classic Hammer TV series such as ‘Hammer House of Mystery and Suspense’, as well as new on-air commentary and film introductions from official Hammer historian, Marcus Hearn and Hammer archivist, Robert J.E. Simpson.

Now, if you're in the US the bummer is that some of these films will not be playable. There are ways to get around the region restrictions, and I do hope that Hammer works out the rights issues for these movies so they are available in the US. Since they sent me, a US blogger, a press release, I have to imagine they're at least considering it. I have a question about it in to their publicist. In the meantime there's a lot of other cool content there. And if you're in the UK there are some cool feature length movies!