Japanese Cooking Simulator Lets You Feel And See Your Virtual Vittles

Dateline Japan: a cooking simulator allows students to make a meal without wasting any ingredients. Or having a meal.

I've never considered how much food must be wasted in cooking schools as students try to perfect their technique. And I suppose that, as we move toward an ecological nightmare dystopia, every single side of beef will need to be accounted for. 

With that in mind this Japanese cooking simulator makes more sense. No, it isn't a variation on Cooking Mama, it's a physical simulator that lets you feel and see the meat you're cooking. The cords connected to the pan give you the weight and resistance of a steak actually cooking, and a hologram meat is projected on a half mirror above the pan. 

How long before there's a simulation of the aroma of cooked meat? I'm imagining a situation where we are eating some kind of dehydrated pre-synthesized meatlike substance that is heated up in a microwave, but we go through this charade to make ourselves feel like the old days, while we look at HD windows that show us green fields and forests when such things haven't existed for fifteen years or more.