The Marvel TV Show Is SHIELD; Whedon To Write, Maybe Direct

Oh well, I guess DAMAGE CONTROL was too big an ask.

ABC has greenlit the Marvel TV show, and the title is pretty obvious: 


I was hoping for something a little stranger, a little more street level, or a little looser, but I understand why SHIELD is what they are going for. I imagine the Helicarrier set can be used in the movies and the TV show, so there's some production value. The concept allows the show to be espionage heavy with some occasional forees into superhero stuff. And what's more, it allows people to talk about the Marvel superheroes all the time even if those characters are not involved. So while Chris Evans probably won't be shooting too many guest spots, they can be talking about Cap's latest adventure ad nauseum.

And, if I know these guys like I think I know these guys, they'll weave in stuff that will pay off in future Marvel movies, most notably Avengers 2.

Joss Whedon will write the pilot along with his brother Jed and Jed's wife Maurissa Tancharoen, who co-wrote Dr. Horrible. Scheduling permitting, Whedon will direct the pilot as well - and with his recent Marvel deal I would say his schedule is permitting.

So what will it be? Will this be the Joss Whedon of The Avengers, bringing mighty success to ABC? Or is the old Joss Whedon TV luck still in play? It's hard to imagine this being another Dollhouse or Firefly - surely ABC will air this in the right order, with an amazing, well-publicized debut. This is their new Lost