Don Glover Goes Down On Aubrey Plaza In THE TO-DO LIST Red Band Trailer

It's a raunchy romantic comedy, but loaded with hip alt comics.

I would totally ignore The To-Do List if it weren't for the cast. The premise is terrible: a woman finds a raunchy to-do list she made in high school and decides to check off everything she hadn't previously accomplished. And it's set in the 90s for some reason. 

But the cast is good! Aubrey Plaza is the lead. Bill Hader, who needs to be a bigger star, shows up (wearing the exact same poncho my Phish-loving friend Fred wore all through the 90s). Donald Glover is in there. Clark Gregg. Andy Samberg. Johnny Simmons. I like this cast.

So I'll give the movie a shot, but I'm not totally sold on everything else. If you told me that premise without telling me the cast I would assume this was a shitty straight to video 'homage' to 80s teen movies. I'll remain open minded!