Not the Tank Girl You Remember in This Week’s Holy Hunter of Music Videos

Check out videos from Grimes, Selfkill and Dinosaur Jr. 

Directed by experimental electronic musician Grimes (aka Claire Boucher) herself, the video for “Genesis” inspires a fear found in those harboring maternal instincts. Sharing a limousine with an albino Burmese python is only legitimately cool if you’re short on prom date options or aren’t a snack-sized woman. Yes, its contents are rich in the latter. And that’s LA-based self-proclaimed rapper/stripper/warrior Brooke Candy donning the pink braids. Behold their impractical yet fetching superhero costumes. I’ll even admit I’d give it to one or two of them (it being probiotics and a makeup removing wipe).

Post-rock artists out of Taiwan Selfkill alongside director Shih Hui Hung and shooter Cheng Chen produced a work of indubitably benign beauty for the track “Highway Dawn.” For the duration they expertly visualize and explore what a visit to your hometown really means as well as declare you can’t actually have the full vacation experience there. I’d only agree because I grew up in Plano, Texas, known for its tackle boxes and teenage heroin abuse.

Dinosaur Jr. are set to unleash a new album, I Bet On Sky, next month, but before you go feeling all young again take note of Tim Heidecker portraying the teenage female protagonist’s father in the following video and tale of suburban romance for the track “Watch the Corners.”

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