Sony Making Console Wars Movie, Declaring Playstation Victor

Could this be THE SOCIAL NETWORK of video games?

Remember when you were all skeptical that a Facebook movie could work? Prepare to be skeptical that a movie about video game consoles could work. According to Fusible, Sony has latched on to a whole bunch of domain names, and they all have something in common:

Console wars, of course, seems to refer to the endless competition between video game consoles. But which war? Nintendo vs Master System? Xbox vs Playstation? 360 vs PS3? Or the next generation console war, which is probably ginning up behind the scenes as we speak?

Kris Tapley of In Contention tweeted that the project, which he described as 'awesome,' was being pitched exactly as The Social Network of video games.

I think it probably has to be about Microsoft vs Sony, just because I'm having a hard time picturing a major movie studio making a 1980s period piece starring all Japanese actors. And because Sony would like to market their own video game system, thank you very much.

But what's the larger story here? Is there scandal and drama that I don't know about in the history of Xbox vs PlayStation? You tell me, I seriously have no idea.