Warner Bros Looking To Reboot Batman In The JUSTICE LEAGUE Movie

Expect to see the new Batman in JUSTICE LEAGUE before his own film.

In some ways this is obvious: Batman on Film is reporting that Warner Bros will debut the new, rebooted post-Christopher Nolan Batman in Justice League and not in his own film. The basics of the calendar should have already told us that - the Justice League movie will, in all likelihood, be out before a new Batman movie. 

What i find intriguing is that this indicates maybe Nolan is done with the character. I never expected him to direct another Batfilm, but I sort of expected him to hang around and collect paychecks as the executive producer of the series. He'd have his say, the tone of the new Batman would remain consistent with the Nolan films, and audiences would be convinced he had a real role in the movies. But if the writers and director of Justice League get to define/cast the new Batman, I doubt Nolan will be involved at all.

But wait! Here's a hypothesis: what if, as Justice League lumbers to life, Warner Bros is working feverishly behind the scenes to get Joseph Gordon-Levitt to play New Batman? I'd love to know what JGL's deal was on The Dark Knight Rises; any other movie and Levitt would have been locked into sequels and maybe even Justice League in advance. But this was a Nolan movie, and JGL was doing the role for Nolan. There are options in the deal - of that I'm sure - but it's probably not a Marvel Studios-esque bit of bondage.

So maybe WB is trying to tie up JGL for a new Batman film and Justice League. Maybe they're just moving on and assuming their new Batman will grow out of Justice League. Or maybe, and this is the least likely but most interesting scenario, they think Justice League can have its own Batman while the Batfranchise can have its own Batman as well. This was almost the route they went when Armie Hammer was signed to play Batman in George Miller's scrapped movie. Can the world handle two Batmans at once?