New PSYCHO TV Show, BATES MOTEL, Blames Manga For Norman Bates’ Issues

Yes, it's set in the modern day. Norman Bates has a cell phone!

Ryan Rotten at Shock Til You Drop has gotten a hold of the script for the pilot of Bates Motel, A&E's new guaranteed 10 episode Psycho prequel show. But this isn't exactly a prequel to the 1960 Psycho, it's more like a prequel to an upcoming reboot of Psycho. The show is set in the modern day, and it features 16 year old Norman Bates with a cell phone going to big high school parties. 

The show is set before the opening of the Bates Motel. Norma and Norman Bates move into town after something happens to Norman's dad. Mom sleeps around and begins preparing to open the motel. Meanwhile, it turns out that Norman has an older brother, a 'James Dean type' who rides around on a motorcycle. 

Norman's a weirdo already, and his unusual relationship with his mom is in full swing in the pilot. But the show really lets us in on Norman's pecularities in a way I like: it makes him a fan of manga! I knew all those guys were pervs and potential killers. Norman finds a manga with "young, Asian girls in various states of sexual slavery" and squirrels it away for later use. I hope that before he crossdresses as his mom he begins crossdressing cosplay as Sailor Moon or something. 

Ryan's rundown doesn't include it, but I've heard that there are murders in the pilot, and that the show is set up in such a way that there will be killings on a regular basis. Whether or not it's Norman doing those killings is another matter...