THE AVENGERS Gets A Big Re-Release To Sink TITANIC

Can Marvel's superheroes bag enough money to give James Cameron a black eye?

It had to happen: The Avengers is returning to theaters in a big way this weekend. Right now the movie is playing in a handful of theaters near me - mostly second run places. But when I adjust Fandango to search tomorrow, shit gets serious. 

The movie is a scant $40 million from overtaking Titanic as the #2 all time domestic grosser. I would guess that Avatar remains safely out of reach, but a good couple of weekends could put The Avengers smack dab in the middle of a James Cameron sandwich.

It's such a smart move; the last couple of weeks have been dismal at the movies, and even the films that we were excited about this summer let us down. Whatever problems you have with The Avengers I feel like it's almost impossible to deny that it's an old-fashioned good time out at the movies. I've been kind of jonesing to see it on the big screen one last time, and this weekend I will certainly be attending a (2D) screening somewhere in the area. 

Are you interested in revisiting the best superhero movie of the modern age? Do you feel bad for The Possession, which is a very good movie but likely can't stand up to this assault? And did you know that a lawsuit is holding back the 10 disc Marvel Universe Phase I Blu set? I'm kind of annoyed to find that out.

And the big question: is this release of The Avengers going to have some sort of an ad for Marvel Universe Phase II? It seems insane to not have an Iron Man 3 trailer attached in some way, at the very least.