A Small Flurry of SKYFALL News

Phil brings you promotional pics, hyperbole and some musings on the theme song.

Empire's got their hands on some new Skyfall pics, and they're...well, I'm not going to bullshit you, they're more of the same. But let's look at them and talk about them because oh my god there's a new Bond movie coming out this fall!

Here we have Daniel Craig and director Sam Mendes imagining what it will be like when Bond points a rifle at someone. Crap, I hope that's what it is; either that or Q gave him an invisible shotgun. HOT FASHION TIP: Bond is wearing a limited edition Barbour jacket that will run you a cool $750 over at J.Crew.

Next up is Bond chilling with a martini (not a Heineken) while chatting up the gal who always sends me running for my Windows character map, Bérénice Marlohe. Bond's tuxedo is by Tom Ford; you can't afford it. I like that the martini is in the correctly sized glass, and not the goddamn goblets they seem to be serving martinis in these days. And speaking of vices, are those cigarettes? As an Ian Fleming fetishist, that'd certainly be a welcome return in my opinion. Based on the trailers, Skyfall presents a rather banged-up, world-weary 007; maybe he's returned to the "filthy habit." (Probably not, but thanks for letting me get that off my chest.)

Here's Bond in that same tux, demanding to know who the hell broke his statue.

Lastly we have Javier Bardem as Silva as Hannibal Lecter. Clothing manufacturer unknown.

There are more in the new issue of Empire, so head over there to see things like Bond getting a shave and whatnot, as well as some choice quotes from Mendes, who calls Bardem's villain "one of the greats." Not to be outdone in the hyperbole department, the new cover of Esquire promises a look at the making of an "instant classic."

You wanna play that way, Eon? Fine. Expectations raised. And I know you guys haven't yet announced who's doing the Skyfall theme, but it didn't escape me that Daniel Craig is hosting SNL on October 6th, and the musical guest is Muse. Think on your synergistic promotional stunts...

Lastly, this Skyfall video blog is two weeks ago, but I like what they're saying in it. My favorite of the James Bond novels is Moonraker, and it's the one book where Bond never even leaves the UK. People have come to expect the globetrotting Bond, but I love 007 in London, possibly because Fleming didn't turn the prose into an overly detailed travelogue when he was writing about his home.