In The Name Of Transparency White House Releases Official Obama Homebrew Recipes

You can make the same beers Barack Obama enjoys at the White House.

Here's another way for pundits to compare Barack Obama with Jimmy Carter: they both enjoy a good homebrew beer. In fact it was Carter who changed the laws making homebrewing legal (at the urging of his brother Billy, a well-known beer drinker) and that sparked the entire craft brewing revolution which has been such a boon to lovers of beer.

The White House now brews its own beer, and today their recipes have been officially revealed. Here's a video about how the beer is brewed in the White House kitchen:

And here are the actual recipes, which you can try at home if you're that type. And if you are that type and you brew some up, let me get a bottle! I'd actually love to order a case of White House beer; maybe if the president starts selling it we could balance the budget.

First the Honey Ale (I assume both recipes use honey because the White House also has an official beekeeper):

And the Honey Porter:

Do we still vote for presidents based on with whom we want to have a beer? In that case, maybe you should vote for the guy who has the stuff cooked up in his own kitchen. I don't think the other guy drinks at all.

By the way, if I were the president I would name these "Hussein's Honey Porter" and "Honey Ale Akbar" just to fuck with the other side. But seriously, what kind of secret Muslim drinks beer?