Here’s A GIF Of Devin Checking Out ScarJo’s Ass On The IRON MAN 2 Set

A bouncy moment that will live in animated infamy.

I don't go on too many set visits these days. It's a bummer, because they're fun and interesting, but Badass Digest just ain't in the big leagues with true blue film fan sites like Yahoo! and MTV anymore. 

One memorable set visit experience was for Iron Man 2, which was shooting here in LA. It wasn't a great trip, like the times I went to London or Belfast or Romania, and it wasn't a profound discovery experience or anything. It was interesting seeing Robert Downey Jr really take control of that set, and Jon Favreau was super nice and gave everybody Iron Man challenge coins (I've since lost mine like a real asshole). But the thing I won't forget is when we first saw Scarlett Johansson in her Black Widow outfit. There had been no photos or anything, and we got to see her in action in that hallway fight scene. 

The outfit was great, and I won't lie - ScarJo looked smoking hot in it. She came up to the assembled press and did a little fun show-off twirl. Which, it turns out, was captured on film somewhere. The Iron Man 2 special features, maybe? I have no idea: I just saw this for the first time today. Which means today I have been transported back to a time when I wore my hair like Sideshow Bob. 

In this gif you can see Jim "Stax" Vejvoda from IGN, you can see me (barely, behind ScarJo), you can see Mr. Beaks of Ain't It Cool, Jimmy O of JoBlo and Stephanie of the not-so-sadly defunct IESB. And Jon Favreau, in one of his skinny phases. Looking good here, Jon!

We asked her some questions about the costume and the character and her accent (we didn't know if she would be attempting a Russian accent at the time), and then this one big doofy guy who I don't think you see in the gif asked her if she was wearing a girdle, which just made everybody uncomfortable. 

Thanks to Emily, aka @mrmuggles, for pointing this out.