How Much Money Does BREAKING BAD’s Walter White Have, Anyway?

This week Skyler showed Walt a storage unit full of cash, saying she couldn't count it all. Someone on the internet did.

When Skyler showed Walt the storage unit full of cash on this week's Breaking Bad, everybody had the same reaction as Walt: "Wow! How much is that?" Skyler didn't know; the speed at which it had been coming in had overwhelmed her, and she had been unable to keep up with it. It was a lot of money, though. Millions. 

But this is 2012, and the internet is full of people who can't leave well enough alone. And thanks to sites like Quora, these people can come together and hash out the answers to problems like 'How much money was in the storage unit anyway?'

Tom Cook at Quora takes a leap at it, using some basic assumptions, like that most of the bill bundles are $2k. He then counted the bundles in shots that showed the width, depth and height of the stack, and came up with a general range:

We'll use $2000 as the low estimate for every bill bundle. There are larger bundles ($5000?) in there, but there's no way to know how many of each type. We get a couple hints to the overall volume of the stack in other shots:

Width: 12 bills
Height: ~40-45 bundles

Depth: ~17 bills


Based on this nonscientific image analysis the minimum amount in the pile would be around $17,500,000. If every bundle were $5000 then it'd be $43,860,000.00. The actual value is likely somewhere in between those two estimates.

That's a lot of money.

Thanks to The Fake Life for the link.