This Is The Voice Of MASS EFFECT’s Commander Shepard Cosplaying As Commander Shepard

Mark Meer, the voice of Male Shep, attended Dragon*Con dressed as the Commander.

You know you're at a really nerdy event when people recognize the voice actor from a video game. And when that voice actor is actually cosplaying as his own character.

The video above is from Dragon*Con, a huge convention in Atlanta that - in my experience - is like a drunken orgy of geeks. It also features an annual costume parade that is the largest parade in Atlanta. Think on that. Anyway, what you're seeing is a guy in the crowd geeking out when he realizes the dude in the Commander Shepard outfit is in fact Mark Meer, the voice of Mass Effect's Male Commander Shepard (you can customize your character's gender). 

The camera man missed the fact that Rana Macanear is with him; she is the physical model for the character Samara in the Mass Effect games. Macanear is a sight more familiar to con attendees: I've seen her in full costume at a bunch of shows lately. She seems to really like doing that.

The most shocking thing I learned when researching Meer's name was that he's a Canadian. You've let me down, Commander Shepard. I thought you were as American as apple pie.

I wish that somebody had gotten Meer on film saying "I'm Commander Shepard, and this is my favorite parade on the Citadel."