Does A Whale Eat Marion Cotillard’s Legs In The New RUST AND BONE Trailer?

Jacques Audiard's new film is coming Stateside, and the new trailer makes it look like an arthouse take on ORCA.

I think Marion Cotillard's legs get eaten off by a killer whale in Rust and Bone. It's the new film from Jacques Audiard, whose A Prophet is one of the great modern prison movies. Besides Cotillard, Rust and Bone stars Matthias Schoenarts, who was the star of Drafthouse Films' Bullhead. And also it has some orca whales. Who might eat Cotillard's legs.

She definitely loses her legs in 'an accident' at work, and she works as a whale trainer. Maybe she got them caught in an elevator or something, but I'm tending to believe her gams are whale feed. 

Anyway, the film is supposed to be good. This trailer has no dialogue because it's a foreign film, and they don't want to scare audiences off just yet.