TWILIGHT: BREAKING DAWN 2 Trailer Has Bella Tackle A Cougar, And I Don’t Mean A MILF

The final movie in the

I think that Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 1 is an incredible movie. Bill Condon directed the hell out of it, and he kept in every insane element that makes the book so fascinating to non-Twilight fans. The film is entertaining beyond belief, and feels like a high water mark in modern camp cinema.

Of course it's only half the story. Breaking Dawn Part 2 is coming this fall, and the MTV VMAs (save your 'they play music videos?' jokes - they got played out in 1995) premiered a new trailer. A new trailer that is INCREDIBLE. Highlights include Bella tackling a fucking mountain lion, Michael Sheen prancing his way into battle and, maybe best of all, Edward and Bella doing a modified version of Colussus and Wolverine's fastball special. 

I can't wait.