Badass Video: FRANKENWEENIE Sets & Producer Allison Abbate

Flashback to Comic Con! Devin checks out the sets for Tim Burton's FRANKENWEENIE and interviews producer Allison Abbate.

It seems like forever ago that we were at Comic Con, but it was really just like two months. While we were there we did a bunch of video content, much of which has already made it up on the site. One thing we held back, though, was our coverage of Frankenweenie. We knew it would be the opening film at this year's Fantastic Fest (next week!), so we figured this stuff would be good to have right about... now.

Disney had set up some of the stop-motion film's sets and puppets on the Con floor, and we had a chance to tour them. Also on hand were the movie's producers; this interview is with Allison Abbate, but we also have the legendary Don Hahn coming up. 

Expect a bunch more Frankenweenie stuff as we get to Fantastic Fest. And look for the movie opening on October 5th. 

Thanks to Brian Collins for cutting this video!