Where’s Your God Now: The Movie That Has Caused Extremist Muslim Assholes To Kill Americans

A hateful filmmaker has incited hateful religious idiots to kill innocent people. The human race declines.

This story has no shortage of assholes in it, but right up front let's acknowledge one thing: the Americans killed by Muslim protesters in Libya are not among them. Four Americans, including Ambassador Chris Stevens, were killed in Benghazi, Libya after a mob rioted over... a YouTube trailer for a movie. The protestors - who may have been acting on a predetermined terrorist plan - attacked the US consulate and set fire to it. Stevens and the others, faced with armed gunmen outside the building, tried to escape to the roof where they succumbed to smoke inhalation.

What made the asshole protestors so upset? A trailer for a movie called Innocence of Muslims, which criticizes Islam in really heavy handed ways and dares to depict the Prophet Muhammed. The asshole who made the film is a guy named Sam Bacile, who has gone into hiding. Bacile claims to be an Israeli American, although Israel disavows any knowledge of him. He claims to live in California, but there's no record of him in the state. 

Looking at the clip above it's obvious this movie is a blip of subhuman bigotry. Horrible acting, cheap everything, poorly written, didactic dialogue. It's shit. And considering the film has been promoted by Terry Jones, the cocksucker pastor who burned Korans in Florida, it's clearly a bit of hate speech. Before going into hiding Bacile gave an interview where he said Islam is a cancer. As opposed to every other religion that incites hatred, division and violence?

But to be fair, the protestors are doing their damndest to prove Bacile right. Every time somebody says anything bad about the 'religion of peace' these small groups of fucking assholes riot up, sometimes killing people. You don't like images of your Prophet Muhammed? Don't make or consume them - but don't tell anybody else what they can do on that front. And double fuck you and your religion if you think your stupid, medieval moron dogma gives you the right to kill somebody over it, like Theo Van Gogh. 

Islam and Christianity have a lot in common, including the fact that a lot of people who practice these religions seem like real insufferable pricks. But Muslims give Christians a run for their money when it comes to being whiny babies about any slight to their supposedly true faith; Christians only managed to drive a truck into a movie theater showing The Last Temptation of Christ and never actually got around to killing anybody over it. 

As I write this protests and riots continue in Libya and Egypt. Over a cheesy, stupid, minor movie that nobody would have ever heard about if it wasn't for these whining, murderous morons. I almost wish I believed in God so I could rest assured knowing these people will rot in hell.

Here's a larger clip, just to give you an idea how completely amateur this movie is: