The Full LINCOLN Trailer

Four score and seven Oscars from now...

Earlier in the week we all argued about who was doing the Gettysburg Address in the teaser for the trailer* of Lincoln. It wasn't Daniel Day Lewis, that's for sure - the full trailer reveals that DDL has given Lincoln a high pitched voice - just as history tells us Lincoln actually sounded. 

As for the rest of the trailer: it looks exactly like what I would have expected this trailer to look like. I'm pretty sure we all know what to expect in the end, or at least we have an idea what to expect. This is either going to be Spielberg and company making a massive, slightly overblown but utterly moving and sweeping movie or it's going to be Spielberg and company making a massive, very overblown stuffy bit of manipulative awards season bait.

Which is it? I'm looking forward to hearing reactions - and seeing it myself. I think Spielberg is still delivering greatness, but then I'm the guy who loved War Horse.

* Shoot me.