First Pic Of New Robocop Bores Whole World

More proof that nobody knows how to design things anymore.

The remake of Robocop has begun shooting, and the first picture of the lead cyborg has been snapped by spies. The result: underwhelming in the extreme, and further fodder for the belief that design is long dead in Hollywood genre films.

The new Robocop is all black and looks, frankly, like he's from Mass Effect. It looks like the N7 armor - which is to say a very video gamey look. Which is to say boring, predictable, utterly uninteresting. It looks like a thousand other suits of power armor in games and cartoons (and sort of like the Batsuit in the Nolan films), as if the people behind the new suit just didn't care.

I'm sure they'll say they started from a place of realism, which is probably the wrong place to start when you're designing your cyborg futurecop. I expect they'll talk about stealth planes, because that's sort of what he looks like, but stealth planes are ugly and profoundly not cool looking. 

I find it hard to care, honestly. This is a movie whose existence is pointless; it will never be as good as the original and it does not seem to be interested in pushing boundaries, at least as far as design goes. I have a copy of the script sitting here - maybe I'll actually give it a read.