Hey AMC, Shut Up About Dish Network Already

Ever feel like you're the child caught in a really boring divorce?

I was reading my Twitter feed when this tweet popped up and I groaned:

Dish Network stopped carrying AMC about four months ago. In the lead up to the dropping, AMC ran a ton of ads asking viewer to demand Dish kept the channel, which made a lot of sense. But in the months after, AMC has endlessly gone on and on about Dish, still running ads about being dropped. Ads that only current subscribers can see. And making tweets like the one above.

Look, I get it. When Dish dropped AMC the channel took a huge ratings hit. AMC's strategy right now is to stop any current viewers from changing providers (it seems that tens of thousands of people switch services every month) to Dish, and losing them in the process. PLUS, I'm totally on AMC's side since Dish's carriage dispute appears to be blowback from an unrelated legal case between AMC and Dish, which is going to trial this week. It stems from a contract for HD programming signed way back in 2006, before AMC was even a standalone company. It's complicated, but basically Dish looks like assholes and according to this article everybody in the law world is stunned they're letting this case go to trial.

So I am totally on AMC's side. And I like their programming. I support AMC. But at this point their constant harping about Dish is getting shrill; it's like listening to someone talk endlessly about an ex. You're willing to hear them out for a while, but how many months do you put up with it? When do you finally ask them to just shut up about it if they can't get over it?

AMC, it's time to shut up about it. Once upon a time you were branded as a place where story matters. Now you've branded yourself as the channel not on Dish.