The Badass Video Interview: Noah Segan Of LOOPER

Kid Blue himself talks about hunting down Joseph Gordon Levitt and Bruce WIllis in Rian Johnson's LOOPER.

Rian Johnson's Looper establishes a whole world of future time travel crime. The loopers kill people sent back from the future and gatmen police the loopers. Kid Blue is a gatman, running around with a huge revolver and an even bigger chip on his shoulder. 

Noah Segan plays Kid Blue. Segan's been with Rian since Brick, and you've seen him in edgy indie movies like Dead Girl. But Looper is probably his best work, and it's a role that's specifically tailored to him by Johnson.

Noah, Rian and I got together in Bob Burns' amazing basement. We ran the Rian interview last week, and now we have Noah for you, talking about working with Rian, the source of his character's name and all sorts of other good stuff.