Badass Digest #3: Hollywood’s Hidden Nazi Bunker

Devin goes hiking in search of Los Angeles' dark Nazi past, which lays in ruins in the Santa Monica Mountains.

When we started developing the Badass Digest with Devin Faraci video show I knew I wanted to make something that wasn't typical. I wanted to make something that had interviews, that had roundtable discussions, but that also had adventures. I wanted to go beyond just talking about movies. 

Our first adventure takes me hiking, which isn't exactly my natural environment. On a hot summer day the Badass Digest video crew hiked up into the Santa Monica Mountains in search of a strange, secret place that has all but disappeared from the history books: the Murphy Ranch. Built in the 1930s by Winona and Norman Stevens, this was a compound intended to serve as a hideaway for American Nazi sympathizers - Silver Shirts - after Hitler won WWII in Europe, which would cause the United States to collapse. The Aryan faithful would hide out there and, in a few years when Der Fuhrer showed up, they would welcome him to his new West Coast White House.

None of that came to pass, and now the Ranch is an amazing ruin hidden deep in a valley. It's a little piece of hidden history - and a good walk.