It Must Be Poster Day: HOLY MOTORS Poster Arrives

The US poster for Leos Carax's brilliant film is here.

I'm afraid to write about Holy Motors. I have only seen the film once, and that one viewing was spent largely experiencing Leos Carax's film, not really thinking about it. Largely non-narrative, the film follows a man (Denis Lavant, who gives the best performance of the decade) as he has many appointments, at each one becoming a new person and engaging in a small piece of... acting? living? both? A movie about movies, a movie about our place in the world, a movie about the connections between humans, a movie featuring chimps - Holy Motors is this but unbelievably more. It's a tidal wave of cinema. You can only allow yourself to be washed away by it.

HitFix has debuted the American poster, which features a lady in a mocap suit - something that is in the movie. I love the title treatment. I love the color and the boldness of the poster. I love the way it makes you wonder what you're looking at. Hopefully it makes you want to see the film.

Holy Motors has a limited US release starting this October. You have to see it. I don't know how we can talk about it if you don't.