Watch The Wachowskis’ Q&A From CLOUD ATLAS At Fantastic Fest!

Lana Wachowski and Andy Wachowski dropped by the secret screening of CLOUD ATLAS at Fantastic Fest and gave a wonderful Q&A. Watch it!

We have a brief edit of the truly wonderful Q&A the Wachowskis (or Wachowski Starship, as Andy Wachowski dubbed them) gave at Fantastic Fest for the secret screening of Cloud Atlas! They were warm and funny and passionate about the project, and it was such an amazing experience to hear them speak so openly about this incredible film. And then they hung out at the Highball bar next door for a few hours with everyone at the festival! The two directors couldn't have been cooler, honestly. Co-director Tom Tykwer couldn't be there, but Lana and Andy spoke zealously about his contribution, calling him "the brains of this outfit."

I loved Cloud Atlas more than I am prepared to say at the moment. I was overwhelmed by it. It's astonishing, heart-wrenchingly gorgeous. Important. Funny. I've written about my anticipation/anxiety for the film over the past couple of years, its being based on one of my favorite novels, by David Mitchell. I'm going to cheat and write my review after I see the film a second time because I'm simply not ready to quantify my love for it yet. (You can read Devin's beautiful review here.) But that second viewing will be soon - I'm bringing a preview screening of it to Houston with Nordling from Ain't It Cool on Tuesday October 23! I'll announce the details and let you know how you can get tickets very shortly, but in the meantime, get excited. Get very, very excited.