MORIGIN: Producers of CW’s ARROW Promise Five-Year Origin Story

This is the world we've made. This is what we get.

In a story on today, Arrow producer Marc Guggenheim has dropped the tidbit that the upcoming series will flashback to Oliver Queen's formative years as an island castaway throughout the entire season, adding - without the slightest indication that he's fucking with us - "The Arrow is the only character I can think of who can sustain a 5-year origin story."

Christ. I remember saying the first hour of 2002's Spider-Man was better than what followed, and I know rebooting the Bond franchise in 2006 was entirely called for. But has anyone done the math on how many filmed hours of origin we've all sat through in the last decade? Seriously, what the fuck are we doing? We're all on a bus, taking the hero's journey up our own asses.

Producers also mention that "Green" was dropped from the hero's moniker because it was too "comic-booky," so I guess that's still a thing we're doing, and they've also hedged their bets on the upcoming election by insisting that Oliver Queen/Arrow is not a liberal. So they've taken away his name, his defining characteristic, and traded his mask for some Blade Runner-ish eye makeup. Marvelous. Please don't tell me there's no boxing glove arrow. I'm not sure I can take that kind of news today.