A GOOD DAY TO DIE HARD Teaser Trailer Explodes Online

Fox marketing will briefly convince you this movie could be good.

And the cycle of abuse begins again. Fox has put together a good, if utterly non-contextualized, trailer for A Good Day to Die Hard, and people online are beginning to get excited. They'll keep getting excited through a couple of clips and another trailer and then they'll see the movie and remember that it's a John Moore film and that it's the fifth Die Hard and that the franchise ran out of steam a long time ago. 

But hey, maybe it'll be good! This one seems to double down on the Die Hard in Name Only aspect of the last crummy movie - helicopter gunships and babes in tight leather motorcycle outfits aren't exactly what one thinks of when one thinks of Die Hard. Maybe divorced of any expectations, A Good Day to Die Hard could be dumb fun. Which was never the point of the series, but whatever!