Badass Digest Episode 4: Tim Burton Talks Monsters!

Devin digs deep with the director of FRANKENWEENIE about his favorite monsters.

Last week Tim Burton premiered Frankenweenie at Fantastic Fest (you can read my review of it right here). I've been obsessing over the classic monsters lately, and Frankenweenie has the same obsession, so I wanted to sit down with Burton and talk about all that classic Jack Pierce make-up and the meaning of monsters and growing up a monsterkid. But I also wanted to get him to talk about one of the biggest criticisms people have about his work, that there's a very heavy and familiar style at play. I used a great Hitchcock quote - "Style is self-plagiarism" - as an in. I'll leave it up to you to decide what you think of his answer.

A note: we had to shoot this episode in a very ugly hotel ballroom as part of the Frankenweenie press day. Our local crew from Austin did a heroic job making this space even slightly palatable on film. In the future we're going to try and avoid these sorts of backdrops as much as possible.