Is This A Photo Of The Beatles Watching First Transsex Rocker Jayne County Perform?

This photo could depict a historic crossover between classic rock and protopunk!

Jayne County is not as well known as she should be; rock's first transsexual star, County was a powerful force in the early 70s New York City protopunk scene. Under her male name, Wayne County, she headed the first band called The Backstreet Boys - using the name in the street slang context - and as a trannie she was present at the historic Stonewall riots. Pilfering Lou Reed's Sweet Jane riff, Jayne released one of the seminal songs about the NYC 70s scene, Max's Kansas City. In 1977 Jayne moved to London, where she was involved in the burgeoning punk scene, and appears in Derek Jarman's foundational punk film Jubilee, as well as The Punk Rock Movie.

The picture above has been making the rounds on Tumblr and Facebook, and purports to be the Beatles checking out a performance by Jayne County. It's definitely the Beatles, but is it Jayne? I've been trying to nail down the reality of this; Jayne moved to New York City in 1968, and quickly got involved with Andy Warhol's Factory. That doesn't quite look like 1968 Beatles to me. And I'm not sure that Jayne ever did burlesque. If that is Jayne, it's a pretty flattering picture. 

If the picture is really The Beatles checking out Jayne County it's an exciting moment of overlap between two eras of rock music - two eras that have always felt truly disconnected. But I'm fairly certain it is not what it purports to be. First of all, The Beatles are clearly in 1967 outfits. In fact, I'd venture that this is from right around the making of Magical Mystery Tour.

UPDATE: Thanks to Shawn Levy for pretty much confirming, via The Beatles Diary, that this picture was taken in London in 1967.

I'm no expert in Jayne County, but I think she was still hanging out in Georgia in 1967. What's more, I suspect that the picture is Photoshopped - I've seen some shops in my time and can tell from the pixels. It looks like the dancer's neck has been altered to include an adam's apple.

But I could be wrong! I would be psyched to be wrong. This is a weird thing to hoax, as Jayne County isn't exactly a household name. And it would be a cool bit of history if true. But for now, I'm going with it being debunked. 

UPDATE 2: Double debunked! Thanks to Lord_Nose in the comments for posting the UNTOUCHED photo:

In the meantime, listen to Max's Kansas City.