New LINCOLN Spot Is Clothed In Immense Power

Disney unveiled a new LINCOLN spot, aimed at civic duty and social justice, during last night's debates.

The irony of the new Lincoln trailer that ran after last night's presidential debate: neither man debating has a claim to Lincoln's legacy. Mitt Romney, a truly faceless grey man, stood on the podium and lied and lied and lied, dissembling without a second thought and changing his positions almost on the fly. Barack Obama, who can be so electrifying when he wants to be, was wooden and dull and refused to stand up for his beliefs or against Romney's lies, letting the challenger steamroll him in a way that Lincoln wouldn't have permitted. 

The new Lincoln spot showcases a president who refused to be a doormat and who refused to compromise his principles. It also showcases a movie that looks pretty big and broad, like Spielberg isn't done with the throwback quality of War Horse that turned off so many. This is a fiery trailer, and I suspect this is going to be a heightened movie. If Tommy Lee Jones' wig is any indication, that is.