Watch The Weirdly Elegant Trailer For Rob Zombie’s LORDS OF SALEM

Has Rob moved away from his redneck obsession? Please Christ say yes.

The trailer for Lords of Salem, the latest movie from Rob Zombie, is intriguing because it doesn't immediately look like a Rob Zombie movie. We're all used to Zombie's gritty aesthetic, his fetishization of rednecks and his liberal use of filth. But this trailer makes it look like he's really changed it up, and Lords looks downright elegant. I've seen people on Twitter compare it to Eyes Wide Shut, and the gliding push-ins do have a Kubrickian quality. But there's something Italian about this as well, as if Zombie really sat down with Argento's work and ingested it the way he had ingested 70s grindhouse previously.

The movie debuted at the Toronto International Film Festival to mixed response, but after this trailer I have to say I'm deeply, deeply interested in seeing what he's cooked up. I'll defend The Devil's Rejects all day long, even if I think his Halloween is a nightmare of incompetence. I think Zombie has skills, but he's rarely able to get past his shock horror posing to make good use of them.