Breaking: New GODZILLA To Be About Grown Ups

IRON MAN 3 writer Drew Pearce to 'age up' the characters.

Legendary Pictures has been kicking around their reboot of Godzilla for like ever. They settled on Gareth Edwards, who directed Monsters, to helm the picture, but they've not been able to get a script together. They've had a bunch of writers come through the project, including David Goyer, David Callahan and Max Borenstein (what an amazing last name). But it seems like they're finally settling on something, as they've brought Drew Pearce in to do one last sweep on the script.

Pearce is the writer of Iron Man 3 (read: the guy whose script is being changed on set by Robert Downey Jr all the time), and he got popular off the British superhero sitcom No Heroics. He's hot right now, with Sherlock Holmes 3 also on his plate. Anyway, Pearce's job is to take the current script and 'age up' the characters. I like to imagine him just doing a Find/Replace of 22 into 44 in every character description. Considering that Monsters was about young people, I assume that perhaps previous Godzilla drafts had an equally 20something vibe, but now Legendary wants to hire more seasoned actors.

Of course who really cares about the actors? Godzilla is the star of this show, and I hope the script - whoever has their name on it - reflects that.