SPLICE’s Vincenzo Natali Presents One Weird Zombie PSA

Seriously, it's a PSA for CPR... starring zombies.

Zombies are so overdone. We all know it. But every now and again something zombie-related tickles me and reminds me why I love those shambling cannibals so damn much.

The latest thing that awakens my pro-zombie side: The Undeading, a PSA director by Cube and Splice helmer Vincenzo Natali. It's not a joke PSA - it's a for real PSA from the non-profit Heart and Stroke Foundation, and it's all about how to do CPR. The way it uses zombies is kind of brilliant, playing with the bit of lore that says zombies only like to eat living victims. And on top of that the first zombie in this PSA is awesome looking; too many zombies these days are just people with dirt on their faces or samey-looking prosthetic brows. This opening zombie is creepy.