Trailer For NOT FADE AWAY, David Chase’s 60s Rock Movie

The creator of THE SOPRANOS is back with a movie about a bunch of kids trying to make their music in the not-insubstantial shadow of James Gandolfini.

Here's what David Chase has been working on since the polarizing finale of The Sopranos: Not Fade Away, a film about a bunch of suburban kids in the 60s trying to break into the music biz. Which means lots of wigs!

The film premiered today at the New York Film Festival and apparently it's quite good. The trailer is interesting, although not wildly compelling. It has a nice cinematic feel to it, even as it's obviously dripping with Boomer aggrandizement. Fuck the WWII vets, these guys think they're the greatest generation (they do have the best music, it has to be admitted). 

Not Fade Away opens December 21, putting it smack dab in the Oscar race.