Paul Schrader’s THE CANYONS Trailer Is Disastrously Bad

This does not appear to be a joke.

I love Paul Schrader, and I admire Bret Easton Ellis' talents at self-promotion, but everything about their new movie, The Canyons, looks terrible. Starring seemingly post-human Lindsay Lohan and porn star James Deen, the movie is set in the overplayed, hyperboring world of rich people in the Hollywood Hills. It's crowd funded, which means it's cheap. And finally there's this trailer, which is simply HORRIBLE.

The overlay of film scratches on the digital photography is jarring beyond belief. I can't imagine this is what the actual movie will look like, but even without the scratches what pokes out looks like it has the production value of a normal James Deen porno. It looks like hot buttered shit.

I'd like to be wrong; I'm always, always, always rooting for Paul Schrader. But everything about this movie looks like a train wreck. 

UPDATE: Apparently this IS a joke? The first look at the film is a horrible joke trailer? Interesting marketing move.