Fifth PEANUTS Movie To Be Made

This time it'll be CGI.

Are you ready to see the Peanuts characters in 3D? Blue Sky Animation, the people who make the shitty Ice Age movies, has secured the rights to release a big screen Peanuts film in 2015, based on a script by Charles Schultz' son.

This will actually be the fifth big screen Peanuts movie. The last one was in 1980, and saw the gang head to Europe for Bon Voyage, Charlie Brown (And Don't Come Back!) - which broke all Peanuts ruies and showed adults and had them speak! So whatever happens with this movie, know that the canon has already been sullied. 

To younger people Peanuts might seem inviolate, but I grew up in an age when these characters sold everything from Dolly Madison cakes to root beer to cars. And were in multiple TV shows, TV specials and theatrical movies. These characters were exploited like crazy in the 70s. 

Which doesn't mean I think this film will be any good. I can't imagine how Schultz' characters make the leap to 3D CGI, and the modern world demands more breathless, faster paced stories than the Peanuts gang usually tell. Also, Blue Sky isn't exactly Pixar, you know? But then again, it can't be too much worse than such Peanuts classics as It's Arbor Day, Charlie Brown and It's Flashbeagle, Charlie Brown. Yes, a Peanuts version of Flashdance.

So seriously kids, relax.