All You Need Is Luck: Win The MAGICAL MYSTERY TOUR Blu Ray Set!

The trippiest Beatles movie has been released in a mega Blu box, and we have a copy for you.

In 1967 The Beatles released Magical Mystery Tour, an acid-soaked movie about the band taking a bus trip. The 57 minute long piece debuted six new songs, was shot in vivid color and originally aired on the BBC in black and white, where everybody hated it. As a result the film got a minimal release in the rest of the world, and while the six songs off the soundtrack are bona fide classics, the movie itself has been little seen. 

Now Magical Mystery Tour has been remastered and is being released on home video - where the remaining Beatles have been sure to present it in color. We have a copy of the incredible special edition box set to give away, but I want to make sure it goes to a real Beatlemaniac. 

Here's what comes in the box:

Blu-ray AND DVD

60 page booklet Soft back book containing an introductory essay by Paul McCartney, notes on the film s development, numerous previously unseen and rare photos and memorabilia.

A reproduction of the 1967 UK double vinyl 6 track EP:
EP Tracklisting

Side A

A1. Magical Mystery Tour - The Beatles (2.48)

A2. Your Mother Should Know - The Beatles (2.33)

Side B

B1. I Am The Walrus - The Beatles (4.35)

Side C

C1. The Fool On The Hill - The Beatles (3.00)

C2. Flying - The Beatles (2.16)

Side D

D1. Blue Jay Way - The Beatles (3.50)

And here are the special features on the actual movie:

Director's Commentary by Paul McCartney

The Making of Magical Mystery Tour (19:05)
- Features interviews with Paul and Ringo, along with other cast members and crew. Includes unseen footage.

Ringo the actor (2:30)
- Ringo reflecting on his role in the film.

Meet The Supporting Cast (11:27)
- A feature on the background and careers of Nat Jackley, Jessie Robins, Ivor Cutler, The Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band, Victor Spinetti, George Claydon, and Derek Royle.

'Your Mother Should Know' (2:35)
'Blue Jay Way' (3:53)
'The Fool On The Hill' (3:05)
- Three new edits of these performances all featuring footage not seen in the original film.

'Hello Goodbye' (3:24), as featured in Top of the Pops 1967
- The Beatles allowed the BBC to film them in the edit suite where they were working on Magical Mystery Tour. This was then turned into a promo by the BBC, who shot their own additional footage. It was then broadcast on Top of the Pops to mark the 'Hello Goodbye' single going to No 1 in December 1967.

Nat's Dream (2:50)
- A scene directed by John featuring Nat Jackley. Not included in the original film.

Ivor Cutler 'I'm Going In A Field' (2:35)
- Ivor performs 'I'm Going In A Field', in a field. Not included in the original film.

Traffic 'Here We Go Round The Mulberry Bush' (1:53)
- The filming of Traffic acting out their 1967 hit single 'Here We Go Round The Mulberry Bush' was commissioned by The Beatles for possible inclusion in Magical Mystery Tour but was not used in the final edit.

This is a must-own for Beatles collectors. The repro EPs are cool enough on their own.

So how do you get it? Simple: Send an email to devin at with the subject line BEATLES and answer the following questions:

1) In what song does John supposedly reveal who the Walrus was?

2) What was the Rutles version of Magical Mystery Tour?

3) What's your favorite Beatles appearance in pop culture? Your answer can't be a song of theirs being used, or a cover of their songs - it has to be a movie, TV show, play, comic, song etc that explicitly references the Beatles or subtly references their mythology.

4) What's your mailing address? We do have to send this thing to our winner.

If you don't feel like taking your chances in the contest, you can buy the set below!