New Beverly To Host Tribute To Debra Hill

John Carpenter will attend the rare 35mm screening of HALLOWEEN!

Look, I know I started my earlier article about how I probably talk too much about Halloween and its sequels, so this might look like overkill - but this is of utmost importance!

On October 27th, I will be hosting a midnight screening of Halloween II (1981) at the New Beverly Cinema. I'll tell you more about that closer to the date, but today they announced their plans for earlier that evening, and suddenly my screening became slightly more interesting. As it turns out, we're not just playing H2 for the hell of it - the New Beverly is offering an incredibly rare opportunity to see Halloween and Halloween II (on a separate admission) back to back on glorious 35mm!

But this is no ordinary screening - it's an event where your ticket goes to a very worthy cause. Put together by the Producer's Guild of America, this event will benefit the Debra Hill Fellowship, a grant named after the late producer of Halloween (and several other films) that is awarded annually to a young producer graduating from an accredited graduate film program with a producing-specific curriculum. Per the PGA, "Recipients of the Fellowship are selected by the PGA's Debra Hill Fellowship Committee and awarded based on candidates' professional promise and and personal reflection of Debra Hill's legacy of humanism and activism."

In addition to Halloween, Hill produced Carpenter's The Fog, Escape From New York (and LA), plus the first two Halloween sequels. She was also behind Adventures In Babysitting (yes!), The Dead Zone, and the Oscar winning The Fisher King. Her last film was World Trade Center, which was released after her death in 2005. But she was also a pioneer, as the press release can explain:

One of the most beloved and influential producers of her time, trailblazer Debra Hill was one of the first women to establish herself as a major feature film producer in the modern era. The Debra Hill Film Festival is a benefit to raise funds for the Debra Hill Fellowship --the single-largest charitable grant given exclusively to emerging producers. The Festival was established by the Producers Guild of America in association with Women In Film, the New Beverly Cinema, and Mondo.

Wait, what's that? Festival? Indeed, Halloween is actually on the second night of this tribute. On Friday, October 26th, the New Bev will be showing the Hill-produced Big Top Pee-Wee, with Paul Reubens, Randall Kleiser and Penelope Ann Miller appearing in person. As for Halloween, there's only one guest, but I think it's a worthy one - JOHN CARPENTER HIMSELF will be in attendance for the screening! He can be hard to get for any public screening, especially for Halloween as he's sort of talked himself out on the subject, so this is a very rare treat indeed.

So how is Mondo involved?  As luck would have it, both events will have exclusive numbered Mondo posters, which are included in the ticket price. Now, that price does sound a bit steep (100 dollars), but as someone on Twitter pointed out, a Halloween fan would probably end up paying that much for the poster on eBay, and then they wouldn't even get to be in the room with Dr. Carpenter or see the GREATEST MOVIE OF ALL TIME on superior 35mm (don't forget, that re-release in a few weeks will be all digital). PLUS, it goes toward a terrific cause that honors someone we lost far too soon, so in that respect, it's kind of a bargain. And if you're rich, you can even do one better - for $500 (!) you can have a private meet and greet with Carpenter (or Reubens, for the Pee-Wee screening) and TWO Mondo posters - the one everyone gets and an even more limited variant.

Unrelated, does anyone have 500 dollars they can give me? 

Despite the price, I suspect the Halloween screening will sell out (over 60 tickets have already been sold), given the proximity to its namesake holiday, the Carpenter Q&A, the Mondo poster (not yet revealed), and for the die-hard fans, the ability to stick around for another hour or so and watch the immediate sequel. It's a truly special and rare opportunity, and I for one think it's worth every penny. Hope to see some of you there! 

Big Top Pee-Wee (October 26th) tickets HERE 
Halloween (October 27th) tickets HERE