Badass Digest Episode 5: Fight Night In Fantastic Fest

See! The Soska Twins train Devin! Hear! Devin's recollection of the fight! Watch! Joe Swanberg trounce Devin. The last word (we swear) on Devin getting his bell rung in Austin.

When I went down to Fantastic Fest the plan was to feature the Fantastic Debates fight with Joe Swanberg on the Badass Digest With Devin Faraci show. At the time we had no idea the fight would go the way it did, or that it would become such a momentary 'thing.' We thought this would be the first in-depth piece about the fight!

So while you may have heard about this fight before (and may have even read my immediate post-fight reaction), this episode gives you a better look at the night. You'll get to see Jen and Sylvia Soska, directors of American Mary, train me while wearing Mortal Kombat outfits (they're wearing the outfits. Not me). You'll get to see more footage of the fight than has been previously available. You'll get to see me being pummeled from a host of different angles. You'll also get to see me wearing a smart, handsome Avengers sweatshirt. 

Enjoy this exploration of my pain and humiliation. I did it for you.