Alfred Hitchcock Warns Patrons To Put Away Their Cell Phones

An anachronistic PSA from the makers of HITCHCOCK.

The makers of Hitchcock have taken a page out of the Alamo Drafthouse manual and used Sir Anthony Hopkin's Alfred Hitchcock to create a no-phones PSA for theaters. While I applaud any and all theatrical efforts to squelch cell phone use during movies, this is weird for a few reasons.

First, Alfred Hitchcock telling me not to text makes me chuckle. But more notably, this very video was taken on a cell phone in a theater. The caption on YouTube reads "Took this video at the theater. Alfred Hitchcock--I mean, Anthony Hopkins gives a PSA against using your cell phone at the movie. Funny!!"

And then the video was emailed to me via official press channels hoping to promote the PSA. Which in turn hopes to discourage cell phone use in a theater. Maybe you can see my confusion.

I kind of like the corny Psycho joke, however.