It All Burns In The CARRIE Remake Trailer

Cool CGI shot, guys.

I'm not trying to be the negative guy on this one - Team Kimberly Peirce all the way - but this teaser/announcement trailer for Carrie ain't doing it for me. I haven't yet been sold on Chloe Grace Moretz as Carrie White - she's too traditionally actressy looking for my tastes - and this trailer doesn't sell me on anything else at all. The massively CGI-assisted (or is it simply all CGI? I hate making that call based on viewing a trailer on my computer screen, so I leave it up to the experts in the house) swooping shot is weightless, and the way it comes in to Carrie made me want to sit up and prepare to do a boss battle. How many hit points do you think she has?

Carrie is one of Stephen King's most human stories. I don't know that this trailer is emphasizing anything human to me. I'll just keep patiently waiting to see something that gives me a better idea about the performances and tone, rather than judging the movie based on a kewl idea trailer.