Is This What Zod Looks Like In MAN OF STEEL?

A leaked toy commercial may give a hint to the villain's appearance in Zack Snyder's movie.

What does General Zod look like in Man of Steel? We've seen pictures of Michael Shannon in mocap suits, so there's an assumption that he'll look at least partially non-normal, but in what way? A leaked toy commercial may give us a hint.

Bleeding Cool has come across this Superman Exploders commercial; it's obviously a very early, work in progress thing (check out the other commercial they have, which incorporates footage of Brandon Routh and Christopher Reeve as place holders), but it appears that the toy has the right Superman costume. So could the toy version of Zod also be correct?

Quite possibly. The commercial has a Black Zero spaceship, which has been mentioned as being part of the movie. There's a robot army, which I am desperately hoping is part of the movie. And while I can see how some people would groan at the design of Zod here (obviously a superdeformed version), I like the Golden Age feel of the look. It's also kind of generic enough that this could be a head that was laying around and thrown on the figure. 

Here's a screencap of it:

What do you think?