Your Favorite Website, Drafthouse Media, Quoted In CLOUD ATLAS Commercial!

Beloved Drafthouse Media calls CLOUD ATLAS "Heroic!"

A few months ago I was quoted in the New York Times. But the paper's editorial standards would not allow 'Badass Digest' to be printed, and so I was quoted just as "Devin Faraci, online film critic."

It ain't just the New York Times who finds 'Badass' to be a bad word. Warner Bros reached out to me about using a quote from my Cloud Atlas review on a TV commercial, but the people at standards and practices didn't want 'Badass' on screen. And so was born the idea of crediting me as 'Drafthouse Media.' It's technically correct. We're owned by the Alamo Drafthouse, and we're media. 

Anyway, my quote whoring on this commercial is only the beginning. Look for a rare video interview with the Wachowskis (and Tom Tykwer) this week. I had an incredible 30 minutes with them, and that wasn't even a sliver of enough time. Also look for some more Wachowski-based content in the coming days, and I'm sure we'll find more ways to tell you that you should see Cloud Atlas on October 26th.

Thanks to William Goss for spotting this!